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It Starts with a Tap

What does it mean to start with a tap? How do you change your state of mind? 

"Energy has always been running through me, and if I'm sitting down, that beat is going through me. When I explain how to change my state of mind, part of it is, 'It starts with a tap.’"  

We’ve all felt that anxiety creep up on us. Maybe we’re standing in line at the lunch counter, thinking about our bills, or at work, on deadline, and have to perform. When that happens to me, I start tapping. It’s called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, a widely-used therapeutic method for relieving anxiety and stress. The EFT method taps into your body and senses, gets you out of your head, brings you back fully into the present moment, and even puts you in a little bit of a good mood. 

I wake up at 4AM in the morning so I can be ready to bring the energy from 6AM to 11AM, five days a week for “The Monsters in the Morning” (on Real Radio 104.1 Orlando iHeartMedia), and I start my day with a tap to "tap" into my good energy.

To people who aren’t on board. . . I get it. It looks weird. But it works! It’s helped me, and I know it can help you too, whether you’re an athlete preparing for a game, about to go into a pressure-packed job interview, or just need to relieve some stress.

But that's just the beginning. . . After you tap into your energy, you tap into your passion, potential, and a plan to reach your personal or professional goals.

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