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 “I think we are in a renaissance of personal development, and people see how powerful the state of mind is.” — Carlos Navarro 


My mission is to help you LIVE OUT your passion — without giving up the stability of your job — so you feel more fulfilled and ready to take charge of your life.


You don’t have to sacrifice your stability in order to strive for your dreams. The strategies that I share are designed to get you "unstuck" and into action by honing in on your short- and long-term goals and passions and devising a realistic plan to achieve them — without quitting your 9-5. 

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“I see people who haven’t messed up nearly as much as I have, and they’ve given up on themselves, and it takes one person to go, ‘Don’t give up on yourself.’”

As a character actor who is trained to "see" and "study" people, I can help you identify your blind spots and give you the tools you need to overcome what's holding you back from accomplishing your personal and professional goals, whatever they may be.

I'll work with you to develop a tailored personal development plan that will help you:

  • find the self-discipline to get focused and take ownership of your life

  • learn from your failures so you can strive to be better than you were yesterday

  • define your goals and gain clarity about what direction you want to go in

  • outline the most important steps you need to take to move yourself forward

  • coaching is available one-time, one-on-one or by the month, over four weekly sessions, both virtually

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“You can go from being the crazy, wild, drunk party guy to the dependable, drive-you-home and save-a-friend’s-life guy.”

I am not a therapist or an AA sponsor or an addictions counselor who offers treatment. I am a life coach who shares what has worked for me to successfully overcome alcoholism and live an alcohol-free way of life.


Before I became sober, drinking was my identity. I saw myself as the funniest, craziest, greatest guy to be around when I was drinking. But the world saw me as angry, aggressive, and violent. Alcohol warps our perceptions. When you give up alcohol, you see yourself for who you are. For me, the fallout from the addictive excess was hard, humiliating, and humbling. As an actor, one of my goals was to book “The Walking Dead,” and when I quit drinking for the final time — for my life, my career, and my family — I succeeded.

Drawing on my experience with quitting alcohol, I’ll help you create a tactical game plan for:

  • developing the self-discipline to resist the desire to drink

  • keeping yourself out of situations that will lead you down a destructive path

  • raising your standards and an understanding of why this is important to an alcohol-free life

  • coaching is available one-time, one-on-one or by the month, over four weekly sessions, both virtually

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