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 A Workshop on Tapping into Your Team's Energy, Passion + Purpose 

Energy is everything. It is the very life force that can elevate your organization to the highest levels of success, creative thinking, and performance. In this thought-provoking, energy-packed, and entertaining multi-media workshop, actor, mindset coach, and iHeartRadio personality Carlos Navarro will give you the tips, tools, and strategies you need to energize the people around you, infuse a greater sense of purpose in your team, and ignite their passions.


Thousands of listeners, not only in Orlando, Florida but across the country, know Carlos for his daily motivational “To the Top” segments and uplifting perspective on the #1 rated iHeartRadio’s “Monsters in the Morning” on Real Radio 104.1. His goal: to “make you laugh and make you think.” Whether over the airwaves or when entering a room, Carlos projects optimism and radiates positive energy. Now he’s bringing that contagious energy to help leaders inspire high-performers and cultivate engaged, fired-up business cultures that allow teams to feel more creative, passionate, purpose-driven, fulfilled, and motivated to bring their “A” game.

Imagine having to spark that level of energy at 4:30AM, five days a week (like Carlos) to thousands of people. . . When the pressure hits, will your team rise to the occasion and deliver results? Carlos has done this throughout his long and diverse career in entertainment and acquired best practices along the way. 

Based on the methodology he has developed over the course of his 20+ years in the entertainment industry, from EA Sports to iHeartRadio to film + TV, Carlos will help you energize and inspire your team to be productive (not just “busy”) and actually excited about achieving growth-minded goals and missions. And tapping into your team's energy starts with the right mindset.

Carlos’s mantra is “To the Top, Never Stop,” and it has evolved into a mindset for overcoming adversity, continually striving to get better, and endeavoring for the top. As a long-time radio personality, actor (Marvel’s “Hawkeye” on Disney+, AMC’s “The Walking Dead”), mindset and personal development coach, and motivational speaker, he has shared his “mugshot to Marvel” story of personal and professional redemption and transformation, becoming an inspiration to many for his whole-hearted commitment to being a better person than he was the day before and inspiring others to be their best.

Carlos will share his practical yet groundbreaking approach to establishing a growth mindset that will set your team on a path to success, help them develop a sense of resilience – especially in times of uncertainty – and surmount the top of their profession. It’s not a magic formula – it’s a real, sensible, logical way of approaching life and work that anyone can accomplish with discipline, consistency, passion, and purpose.

What you and your team will learn: 

  • How to immediately put a halt to the negative mindset that implodes most business

  • Who is the villain in your life, your thoughts, friends, the past – examine and exterminate

  • How to keep your valued employees longer by investing in their passions

  • An easy and practical way to approach personal and professional decision-making

  • How to tap into your energy and sustain it so you can reach your goals

  • How to use personal development to support professional development

A life that is not measured cannot be managed, and the “To the Top” workshop will motivate your employees to level up with performance, energy, and results that pay dividends both personally and professionally. This is not a workshop that your team will snooze through. Carlos will make you think and laugh, and leave feeling engaged and energized, with a smile on your face, and pumped up to attack your work with a new and strategic perspective.

“The funny thing about a goal or a mission that I’ve realized is that when you get to the proverbial top, the actual journey – getting there – is the actual benefit. When you get there, you’ll be happy and excited about reaching that goal, but it’s all the things you learned and acquired and accrued and busted your ass doing along the way, whether that’s physically or mentally getting better at something, and that’s why we say, ‘To the top, never stop!’” – Carlos Navarro

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