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With your host, Carlos Navarro

The To the Top! Network comprises a a series of fun, engaging, variety-style shows infused with the energy and humor of consummate showman, Carlos Navarro, a seasoned Orlando media personality, TV and film actor, and motivational speaker.

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The "To The Top Show" is my comedy sketch show designed to make you laugh, feel good, and get motivated. Unique characters you’ve heard over the years come to life in a hilarious comedy-verse where, where, as the episodes progress, their stories intertwine and connect.


Imagine if "Curb Your Enthusiasm," SNL, Tony Robbins, Robin Williams, Jack Black, and Joe Rogan had a baby – that’s the essence of the "To The Top Show!"


"Top of the Morning with Carlos Navarro” is your go-to morning show filled with comedy, energy, and the hottest topics and news that capture my attention. Energized improv sketches and interactive segments bring your comments to life, making you part of the show.


Our goal is to kickstart your day with laughter and positivity, ensuring you feel good and ready to tackle anything. Join us live every morning for a triple shot of humor and connection!

MegLos Show

Carlos and Megan, married for 18 years, try to make each other laugh while discussing marriage, family, and life’s ups and downs. They engage with the audience, bringing humor to everyday issues and sometimes even dancing!


A comedy marriage talk show unlike anything else, it’s "The M E G L O S Show"!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

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Bison Wealth strives to create a wealth plan for each family that meets their individual needs based on our ability to listen first and capture what matters most to them. Contact them at

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When you call Harper Hill at 386-279-0123, make sure you mention I referred you. For every individual that calls in for a quote and mentions "Carlos sent me," Harper Hill will donate $10 to Young Life West Volusia.

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Ben’s Paint Supply is one of the largest distributors of specialty paint and related supplies in the Southeast, with 11 locations serving more than 25 counties in West Central, Central and North East Florida.

TK Law

Kaufman & Lynd, the #1 personal injury attorney in Orlando, Florida! Licensed in 18 states. Let them put you on the right path; call 407-706-3535 to contact them today or visit


Visit Iron Pixel Studios at for a virtual tour or call 407-863-7922 for a studio tour and to talk about how they can help your next production, from film and television to podcasts and green screen creations, be a success.


Interested in becoming a To The Top! Network sponsor?


Reach out to Jennifer Pullinger at or contact us here.

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