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Big news dropped on me last Friday — iHeartMedia let me know they’re moving on without me.


After 20 incredible years, it’s a shock, I have to admit. 

I’m still processing this, but I’m not about to sit still. I’ve got plans and some exciting next steps to share with you — more on that soon, I promise. Your support means everything, and together, there’s so much we can do.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to stay connected.


Look out for a special To The Top! Newsletter from me Wednesday, March 27 for the full scoop on what's next for us.


I’ve got a lot to say, and the newsletter is where I’ll be saying it.

Ending like this is hard, but I’m looking ahead. “To The Top, Never Stop” isn’t a sign-off; it’s how we’re going to tackle what comes next.

Catch you soon,

Carlos Alberto Navarro

DeLand Carlos

On to greener pastures. . .

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